Portfolio Critique

Jenny show viewers her experience as a designer and what sites she has created so far.


5 things I like about the portfolio:

negative31. The design isn’t too complex. It’s simple with the  right amount of animation.

2. Designer did a good job with the use of color. She made sure the text was eligible to read, instead of getting lost in the images.



3. The designer chose colors that were compatible with her theme (choosing blue text to go with her picture, also using negative space as her background was a great choice).

4. Even though most of her pages contain negative space, she still was able to create a balanced design with the placement of her text and images.


  5. Most of her hierarchy is okay.




5 things I dislike about the portfolio:

      1. In her home page, you’ll notice it’s very hard to read the text that’s on the left. It would’ve been better if the text was lighter and the size of the font was bigger.


     2. Even though the hierarchy isn’t bad, it still could’ve been better if the text was larger.

     3. For her theme, the designer was better off keeping the text blue in regards to the consistency of the  design (instead of changing the colors of the text periodically).

  positive3            2017-02-07-7

        4. For her mobile view, this wasn’t the brightest idea. Viewers like me would’ve been interested in  negative2seeing what her portfolio would look like in mobile view.

        5. The “slide-back” in her website wasn’t the first thing I saw                         unfortunately. I recommend she used an animation for the text to get the viewers’ attention.



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